What is a Sleeper Bus?

Sleeper Bus SeatsThe short answer – the bus has modified seating that converts to bunks for sleeping while we travel at night across western Kansas. No illusions here – the bunks are not Five Star accommodations! Typically you will be sharing a cozy bunk space for two (Hint- bring a friend with you on the trip to share your bunk space). When space is available (forty seats on the bus is typical), there is an option to request a “private bunk” for a nominal up-charge. While not the most comfortable night’s sleep, this mode of travel does maximize time on the slopes and make the trip much more cost-effective. There is always the option to fly or drive out and join the rest of the club in the condos at the resort.

We usually leave late afternoon and enjoy a relaxing box lunch, snacks, and drinks while traveling to our destination resort. Typically we arrive early enough to have a breakfast prior to checking into our condo units and then obtain lift tickets, rental equipment and head off to the slopes for nearly a full day of skiing.  We enjoy a festive, fun trip, while (most importantly) someone else takes care of the driving!