Ski Trips

Skiers on a mountan

Our typical trips leave on a Tuesday evening heading west across Kansas and into Colorado on a chartered bus overnight. We usually arrive at a restaurant early the next morning for breakfast, prior to checking into the condos. Sometimes we will have to do a bit of shuffling while rooms are cleaned or we don’t get our unit assignments until later in the day, so it’s a good idea to pack ski or snowboard gear in a separate bag (Don’t worry about the number of bags, everyone has several).  Depending on driving conditions and weather, we usually get to the slop mid-morning for nearly a full day of skiing.  We will leave the resort on Sunday afternoon and return to Topeka on Monday morning.  Our goal is to arrive around 5 am in order for skiers to get to work on Monday, but this is dependent upon road conditions and weather.

What if I don’t ski or snowboard?

We love having folks join us who don’t feel the urge to hit the slopes or don’t want to be up on the mountain the entire time. Our club has a number of members on every trip to venture out with us, but don’t buy lift tickets. Most resorts have quite a few alternatives to downhill skiing such cross-country skiing, snowmobiles, ice skating, hiking trails, hot air balloons, and shopping. The cost of the trip is discounted to reflect this.

Typical costs for a Ski trip

Costs will vary due to the location of the ski resort, housing costs, the price of lift tickets, number of days skiing, etc.  We typically provide a meet and greet evening the first night that will include pizza and drinks.  You will be responsible for your meals and drinks at the resort. The cost of the trip includes bus travel, snack on the bus, condo (two to a room), and a four-day lift ticket in our pricing package.  For those that do not want to ski, the lift ticket prices can be adjusted for the number of days skiing is desired, if any, or for those that have lift passes at the resort. Typical costs for the last few years have ranged from $700 to $900.  You can expect meal costs to range from $40 to $75 per day, depending on what you choose and where you choose to eat.  Ski rentals will vary depending upon the style of ski that you select but should vary from $25-$40 per day. Usually the ski club will be able to find a rental shop that will provide a discount for ski club members.