VIDEO: How To Use The Rylo 360º Camera To Create Impressive “Drone-Like” Shots

  • We’ve been getting a ton of questions asking us how we’ve been acquiring the low flying drone shots that we’ve been publishing.
  • These incredible, unique shots are from a Rylo 360º Camera on a selfie-stick coming out of our backpack.
  • The video above displays exactly how to get these great drone-like shots with the Rylo cam.
Miles fired up on the Rylo “drone” shot.
  • Using the Rylo camera as a helmet cam is considerably better than a standard helmet cam because you can still have the Rylo camera look in any direction you want in post production.


  • The Rylo 360º camera films an entire globe at all times.

  • Then, in post production you can easily make the Rylo look any direction you want on that globe.