VIDEO: 20-Foot Huck Straight To Rocks! | Gnarliest Ski Crash We’ve Ever Seen

I think this is the gnarliest ski crash we’ve ever seen.

The way he bounces from rock to rock, then violently flips out sends shivers down our spines…

To make this crash hit home even harder, this is our good buddy Connery.

We never knew this happened to him and have never heard him talk about it. Until now…

It’s taken me a few years to muster the courage to even watch this clip. Definitely the dumbest thing I’ve ever done on skis, a mistake that’s positively shaped my decision making process since. I vividly remember thinking mid-air, “I’m going to break my legs but I am NOT getting paralyzed right now.” To my delight I walked away with minor injures considering: a broken arm, a few broken ribs and a hematoma on my hip the size of a watermelon. To end this on a positive note, let’s have ourselves a healthy, kickass winter!

We’re so glad to know that he came out of this OK with only a broken arm and a massive bruise on the hip.

Dude is made of steel.

This would have sent us to the hospital for life…

Connery is a professional skier based in Squaw Valley who is featured in the MSP ski movies.