Vandals Of 400-Million-Yr-Old Sacred Site Share Act On Instagram

Starved Rock State Park reports increased acts of vandalism upon sandstone formations. Courtesy photo

A man and a woman, thought to be in their 20s, are accused of vandalism upon state park’s 400-million-year-old sandstone formation.

Native Americans believe Council Overhang at Starved Rock State Park in Oglesby, Illinois to be sacred and have gathered there for over 8,000 years. The location is known for its superior acoustics, created because of the sandstone formation’s particular shape.

The still unidentified suspects drew a heart with “B+K” in the middle, then shared a photo of themselves–in the act of vandalism–on Instagram. Conservation Police saw the photo and began an investigation.

The Instagram image which sparked the investigation by Conservation Police. Courtesy photo

Photo authenticity has yet to be confirmed.

  • – sandstone is known for soft, easily mark-able surface
  • – vandalism of sandstone formations has increased in Starved Rock State Park over recent years.
  • – it is uncertain what method the couple used to draw the heart

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