These 10 Resorts Received The Most Snow In The USA This Season:

Squaw Valley, CA on 02/16/19. Image: Squaw Valley, CA

These 10 resorts received the most snow in the USA this season.

While some snow may still fall, this list sums up what resorts got hit the hardest thus far.

Looking at these resorts, they’re all set up for some epic spring skiing conditions.

If you’re looking to ski through the 4th of July, you’ve got a couple options:

Get out there and take some turns while you still can.

***all snowfall numbers below taken from each ski resort’s website on 04/18/2019***

Mammoth Mountain, CA on 02/03/19. Image: Mammoth Mountain, CA

#1. Squaw Valley, CA: 682″

#2. Mammoth Mountain, CA: 681″

Brighton Resort, UT on 01/18/19. Image: @louisarevalo

#3. Snowbird, UT: 656″

#4. Brighton Resort, UT: 645″

Sugar Bowl Resort, CA on 03/07/19. Image: Sugar Bowl Resort, CA

#5. Sugar Bowl Resort, CA: 624″

#6. Alta Ski Area, UT: 616″

Homewood Mountain Resort, CA on 02/15/19. Image: Homewood Mountain Resort, CA

#7. Homewood Mountain Resort, CA: 610″

#8. Northstar Resort, CA: 601″

Boreal Mountain Resort, CA on 03/03/19. Image: Boreal Mountain Resort, CA

#9. Kirkwood Mountain Resort, CA: 589″

#10. Boreal Mountain Resort, CA: 586″