SnowBrains is Hiring Winter 2019/20 INTERNS

SnowBrains Intern, hiring interns
SnowBrains Intern #1…

SnowBrains is currently hiring winter 2019/20 interns.

SnowBrains’ motto is:  “Intelligent, Original, Positive” and that’s what we’re looking for in our interns.

We’re searching for good people who can put in 5-10 hours per week with us.  This intern can be located just about anywhere in the USA or Worldwide.

Working with us in the ski and snowboard industry is a guaranteed good time.

The whole idea behind this website is that we get to go skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, or surfing every day.  Sound fun?

This internship will be all about covering the ski/snowboard industry for SnowBrains.  We’re looking for someone who loves skiing/riding and follows the sport closely and is available from now until spring and potentially beyond.

If you’re looking to get involved in the ski/snowboard industry, this is your ticket.

Every single one of our paid writers and editors were once SnowBrains interns.

To learn more about the guys you’ll be working with click here:

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This intern will be assisting with:

  • Writing articles & conditions reports
  • Internet research
  • Reporting on latest ski/snowboard industry news
  • Creating original articles

If you or anyone you know might be interested, please drop us a line and we’ll tell you more about this position: