NOAA: Long Term Winter Outlook | Not Looking Great, But in Reality Could Go Either Way!

NOAA, temperature, outlook
Temperature outlook for Jan, Feb, and Mar 2020. Credit: NOAA

With the end of summer and the forecast of a fairly cold first weekend of Autumn, let’s look at predictions more long term for the upcoming winter, specifically Jan, Feb, and March 2020.

For two-thirds of the country, it’s looking like above-average temperatures, with Alaska more likely than most to be warmer than normal. The blank area, marked EC (equal chances), is just another way of saying ‘we’ve no idea’, it could go either way.

NOAA, precipitation, outlook
Precipitation outlook for Jan, Feb, and Mar 2020. Credit: NOAA

Precipitation is also not looking good for powderhounds. The outlook favors Alaska but is actually predicting below-average precipitation for California.

The lack of confidence in the precipitation amount is fairly common, as it is the most difficult forecast to make even two or three days out, never mind months.

Again, large areas of blank ‘EC’ space, means we have no idea, and it could go either way. Here’s hoping it goes the way of snow…