New $10-Million Chairlift at Alpine Meadows, CA Gets First Snow

Treeline Cirque Chairlift
Winter is almost here. Credit: Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows.

Snow has fallen at Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows!

Alpine Meadows is constructing a new $10-million Treeline Cirque chairlift. It looks pretty nice so far, especially with snow on it.
It’s a brand-spanking new, high-speed quad chair that will transport skiers and riders from the base area to the Sherwood Ridge in 5 minutes.
The lift will feature a mid-station for quick access to some of Alpine’s best low-intermediate terrain.
From the top terminal skiers and riders can drop into expert terrain on the frontside or venture into the back bowls of Sherwood, which wield the resort’s best views of Lake Tahoe.
The protected alignment of Treeline Cirque makes it favorable in high winds and inclement weather. 
The rapid access from the base area will dramatically improve the skier experience for a wide range of ability levels.