Locals in Newfoundland, Canada Had to Dig Themselves Out of Their Homes After Gnarly Blizzard

This is what many Newfoundlanders had to deal with after the most recent blizzard. Photo: @Jason_Sheppard_/Instagram

A record-setting blizzard just dumped 30 inches of snow in Newfoundland, Canada and the photos that some residents took of them having to dig themselves out of their homes is nothing short of hilarious. The storm was an epic one, but the pictures taken afterwards are even better.

A state of emergency was placed in Newfoundland during the blizzard, Kamloops Now reports. Thankfully, no one was injured. However, Newfoundland residents had to shovel A LOT of snow just to be able to get out of their homes.


Photo: Darlene Mitchell
Photo: @SouWesterSoul/Instagram
Photo: @jbennet1304/twitter
Photo: stjohnsairport/twitter