Current 10-Day Snow Forecast for North America Looks Like Mid-Winter!

The current 10-day GEM snowfall weather model is showing significant snowfall for much of the Western USA and Western Canada. image:, 9/22/19

The current 10-day forecast for the USA & Canada looks like a mid-winter forecast.

Both the GEM & GFS snowfall weather models are agreeing on this 10-day snowfall forecast.

These snowfall forecasts are talking of significant snowfalls of 12-24″ of snow in Wyoming, Montana, California, Washington, and the Canadian Rockies in the next 10-days.

We know, we know, 10-days is a long way out, but snow is forecast to start as early as today in Wyoming then spread into Canada by tomorrow with the Coast Range and Canadian Rockies seeing big snow the next 5-days.

Good agreement on Snowfall Forecast in the current 10-day GFS snowfall weather model.   image:, 9/22/19

Then, right at about that 5-day mark snow is forecast to spill over the border from into the USA and spread into WA, OR, MT, ID, WY, UT, CO, NV, and CA.

10-day snowfall amounts are forecast to potentially get as high as 24″ in Wyoming, Montana, Washington, California, and the Canadian Rockies.

The Western USA & Western Canada already saw healthy doses of snow the past few days with Grand Targhee, WY seeing what appears to be a handful of inches the past two days (see photo below from today).

Cody Bowl Webcam at Jackson Hole, WY isn’t looking bad, either…

Grand Targhee with a handful of inches of new snow today at 9:48am MT. image: Grand Targhee
Cody Bowl at Jackson Hole, WY today at 10:17am. image: jackson hole

Why does this forecast matter for skiers and riders?

It matters because this might be enough snow to get those early season backcountry skiers out there for some turns (people have already been skiing in UT, CA, WY this month on the new snow) and this might significantly help those early-bird ski resorts open for the season next month (Arapahoe Basin, Loveland, Boreal).

Both the 6-10 day & 8-14 day temp and precip outlooks from NOAA are showing below average temps and above average precip which is the PERFECT RECIPE FOR SNOW.

Fingers crossed.

It doesn’t hurt that this forecast will occur during astronomical Fall (begins 9/23/19) when the cold nights will be longer than the warm days giving this forecast snow a bit more of a chance of staying around.

Below average temperatures and above average precipitation forecast in the Western USA in the current 6-10 day forecast. image: noaa, today
Below average temperatures and above average precipitation forecast in the Western USA in the current 8-14 day forecast. image: noaa, today
Above average precipitation forecast for the west coast Sept 27-Oct 1st. image: noaa, today
Western Montana is expecting a big cool down and snow this week.  image:  NOAA, Great Falls MT, yesterday