Could You Ride the Bec de Rosses in Verbier?

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The Bec de Rosses is legendary for three simples reasons:  It’s big, scary, and world class.  It’s 40-60 degrees for 2,600 vertical feet and is littered with cliffs, dead ends, and mandatory airs.

On the Bec, you either wus-out and ski the dogleg (which still feels death-defying, especially before you get into the chute) or sure as hell better know exactly where you’re going.  

If you take an air, plan on the landing being as steep as the take-off and for your speed to have done nothing but increased in the process.

Common lines ridden during the FWT history of the Verbier Extreme

What you really need to plan out on the Bec is where you’ll check your speed.  

The Bec wants you go fast.  

Too fast.  

It wants you to miss a turn, lose your line, it wants send you off a cliff with nothing but rock in the landing. 

Bec de Rosses. image: fwt

The Bec is a serious mountain with mortal consequences and there’s no wonder why only the top 16 male skiers and top 7 male snowboarders from the tour are allowed to ride it.

Not everyone is invited to ride the Bec.  

Only the best.

If you know you’re a strong freerider, meet your your Graceland:  the Bec de Rosses.