Brutus The Bear Killed, Raises Questions About How He Was Hunted

Brutus is dead.
“Brutus,” a 19-year-old black bear, was killed in Nevada last Wednesday 10/16/19. Credit: Montana Outdoor Radio Show

The death of a 19-year-old black bear in Douglas County, Nevada has become subject to much controversy regarding the way it was killed.

Brutus the bear was killed this week during a Nevada black bear hunt, according to

According to Ashley Sanchez from the Nevada Department of Wildlife, this bear was legally harvested.

“The bear population was robust enough to allow sportsmen the opportunity to hunt bears and that was decided back in 2011,” said Sanchez.

Hunting black bears in Nevada
90 bears have been harvested as of Sept. 14 out of the 1,700 allowed in Nevada. Credit: SNS Outfitter & Guides

However, the way that Brutus was killed has raised many questions and led wildlife organizations like to call for action.

Ann Bryant, the co-chairwoman of, is not in support of Brutus’ death and has called the hunt “unfair.”

Bryant said:

“At the very least take the hounding off the table. That makes it very unfair to the
bear and bringing in guides from other states to chase them down with hounds. Everything
they do is very high tech and that’s not in most hunters mind and certainly in ours as not a fair hunt.”

Many stand alongside Bryant who claims that Brutus’ death was unjust, although shot and killed in legal abidance to Nevada State hunting law.  However, both the Nevada department of Wildlife and do agree on one thing: listening to the public and ensuring that their concerns are heard, especially when it comes to animals.

Black bears with cubs
Credit: USA Today